Workshop with Angela for July 2017

Creative, Emotive Expression 


Mandala 31.Shane Blumson


Creative, Emotive Expression 

DATE: Sunday July 16th 2017

WHERE: Brompton 

TIME : 9.30 – 4.30 

(Arrive at 9.15 to start at 9.30 please)

This workshop is for all those looking for emotional support as we flow through the changes in life! 

I welcome you to a day of unfolding, accessing and being the, ‘who you are in this life’.

A safe space to spend time exploring yourself on levels that you may not ordinarily do or feel, you have the time to do.

Or maybe this is a top up, a reminder of being true to you, releasing feelings of disempowerment & the like.

You will be sharing a space with a handful of others, building trust and enabling the breath of life to ensue easily within!

You are perfect as you are,  this life is a about Love and honouring your path.

COST:   -Cost $130 & a non refundable Deposit of $60 required 

WHEN: -RSVP 7th July 

BOOK:  -Places will fill quickly so book early to ensure your place

WEAR: -Wear casual clothes that you wont mind if they get a bit grubby but you will clean up nicely on all levels!

BRING: -Please bring a healthy lunch, life supporting! 

*I will have tea and healthy snacks

I’m really looking forward to working with you and can’t wait to get started.

Happy Big Creating